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The 'Serious Crimes Commission' (SCC) which, it would appear was nothing of the sort.

The author of this site has no first hand experience of the Miss Middleton murder investigation and does not claim to be an authority on CID practices.  The inclusion of these pages results from the SCC's association with the 1990 investigation which this site refers to as 'Miranda'. No matter what you think of this site, the Miranda file is a fascinating insight into the cocaine riddled island's policing and investigation.

The SCC was created to consider serious crime in Bermuda,  These pages will provide an insight into the apparent farce that was the commission:

why the author's interest?  The 'Miranda' enquiry led to the author's downfall.  Declining to provide the original tape recording of a United States law enforcement officer resulted in trumped up charges and dismissal.

In 1993 the enquiry was shelved again and in 2000 it would appear the SCC attempted to dismiss the matter.  Miranda has been described as " the largest and most serious case involving conspiracy, drug trafficking and money laundering ever conducted by the Bermuda Police force".

What you will read on this site is therefore a part of Bermuda Police history - a comprehensive account, the detail having been extracted from official documents which the author retained. The author has no reason to misrepresent the facts - the documents speak for themselves.  Ten years later, the case was raised again ... why do others (not the author) refer to 'whitewash',  'botched' and incompetence'?  In the face of collapsed cases, everyone who criticizes Bermuda's law enforcement all be wrong?




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