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Widely available to those in the know on the Island, the drug is another expensive commodity with similarly high profits to be made.  The disadvantage of the drug is that, unlike cocaine and heroin, it cannot be 'cut' (okay, so now and again someone will try and mix in a garden herb, or grass, to 'bulk' the packet out) as this is easily identified.

I had never seen cannabis resin (commonly referred to as 'hash') on the Island, weed appeared to be the only variety imported.  Some was grown on the Island but this generally required specialist equipment (see Cannabis UK, below).

Aside of those, like Dwight Hatherley (who imported 66lbs of the stuff in the back of two TV's), a common form of importation was via the cruise ships.  The following should give an idea of the costs / profits associated with he drug:

1/2 lb (8 ounces), just under 1/4 kilo (approx. 225 grams) could be acquired from a cruise ship when it docked for $3000. (1 ounce = 28.35 gram)

The cannabis was sold in Bermuda, in small manila envelopes, each measuring about 4cm square.  The cost of an envelope was (and still is to my knowledge) $25 and each envelope contained 1/2 gram.

The mathematics are as follows:

Purchase:    $3000 for 250 grams = 500 half grams

Sale:             $25 / half gram x 500 = $12,500

Profit:         $12,500 - $3000 = $9,500

In Dwight Hatherley's case, 66lbs of cannabis stood to net him a  minimum of  $1,254,000 assuming the drug was sold in 1/2g envelopes and he paid $3000 ounce.  The latter is highly unlikely; $3000 / half pound is the cost from a cruise ship after it has been imported.  It is likely Dwight paid far less, probably under $1,000 / 1/2lb.  If he wished to dispose of the drug quickly and sell it on at $3,000 per ounce (substantially reducing the number of transactions he would need to make) then he stood to then 132 1/2 pound transactions was likely to net him about 1/4 million dollars.  Hardly surprising that Dwight wrote a storey about the 'King of the Island' which we assumed it was his goal to become. Instead he was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment - his associate, the son of a former police officer, was acquitted ... go figure!  For the facts of the case, the author's official statement appears on these pages - click here to read the document.

The sentence, in the event you were caught in possession of 1/2lb of cannabis when leaving the cruise ship was (and probably remains) 3 years imprisonment.  Why?  It was the maximum a Magistrate could award and avoided the need to send a person to Crown Court for trial / sentencing.  Details of two cruise ship staff who received such imprisonment will be detailed on these pages.

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