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Former Detective Chief Inspector Dennis Ramsay

That this man reached the rank of Chief Inspector is a good indication of the quality of staff Bermuda entertains.  The man is nothing short of a buffoon, a legend in his own imagination; whose legacy is that he undermined confidence in the narcotics department.  He made a laughing stock of narcotics.

The former head of the Narcotics department, the person who I am alleged to have tape recorded in August 1990.  It is this officer's false allegations, that were never the subject of a disciplinary enquiry (contrary to Force Standing Instructions), which caused the Commissioner not to recommend my contract for renewal.

Mr. Ramsey was said, by the US police, to have been linked to the Miranda investigation in that he was believed to be providing the suspects 'assistance' (see tape recording conversation & Debrief notes - Angela Trapasso).  It is suspected that we only managed to undertake the arrests of Miranda et al because Mr. Ramsey was either out of the Country or too busy with his mistress(es?), see link (left).

I submitted my complaint about the Officer and nothing happened.  Subsequently the Royal Gazette newspaper reported:

The head of Bermuda's Police Narcotics Department is to be removed from his post.  detective Chief Inspector Ramsay will leave the department next week and is to be replaced by supt. George Rose.

Two police sources said DCI Ramsay was told to leave as head of department following an internal investigation that found him behaving in a manner 'unfit' for the Narcotics chief.

  • Police two weeks ago denied there was any internal investigation going on into DCI Ramsey's behaviour.

DCI Ramsay admitted during a 1989 Supreme Court trial that he was under investigation by Mr Donald the Deputy Commissioner at the time, for alleged drug dealing and consorting with undesirables.

The July 1989 trial saw former Police constable Leo Simmons jailed for 12 months for having cocaine with intent to supply.  On the first day of the trial, DCI Ramsay admitted his associates included Elsworth (Ellie) Wilson, against whom he had twice played tennis.  Wilson was described in court as a "seedy individual".

DCI Ramsay also admitted that when Simmons was arrested he cried on his shoulder "I'm sorry Daddy".  DCI Ramsay said Simmons also called him "Pops", "baldhead" and "Babylon Boops", but denied they shared a close relationship.




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