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You only have yourself to blame if you trust this man. Want to know what he is capable of (or just how poor his memory is)?  Click here and read the report he compiled

A legend in his own mind, lacking initiative, common sense and compassion; willing to 'prosecute his own'.  Also, it appears, unable to manage his finances and of questionable honesty / morality / memory

Carlton Adams

wpe4.gif (24647 bytes)   Before you deal with this distasteful individual, read and consider a report he constructed that appears on this site (click here).  Then ask yourself whether he simply he a very poor memory or if he is dishonest. 

That Carlton 'clueless' Adams has promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner is a wonderful example of a major problem faced by the Bermuda police; they have a lack of quality officers.

police sergeant 66 Carlton 'socky' Adams

 Head of crime? - one hopes not.  It never ceases to amaze that this man was given the rank of sergeant, now he is the Assistant Commissioner - you can only be promoted out of trouble so far

Judge for yourself the type of character the Bermuda police force has employed when you read the pocket book entry of his comments (2nd December 1987)about a formal complaint he made against a Bermudan and English officer.  The note book entry is an account of sergeant Adams remarks before the hearing had taken place.  Clearly he was intent on withholding evidence, in effect perverting the course of justice.

The complaint sergeant Adams made subsequently went before a discipline board and  is dealt with by returning (via the home page) to the 'Diary', following the 'pre-condition page' and selecting 'suspects on', or click on : 'pre-condition'

The outcome of the discipline hearing I will let you read, under 'suspects on'.  However, it was sergeant Adams who should have been the subject of an investigation and hearing, instead I simply referred to him as 'incompetent' during the trial.  No objection was raised to this description.  Possibly you will draw a similar conclusion.

Sergeant Adams features in another pocket book entry, this under January 1988.  This account again demonstrates the need to record conversations with fellow officers, not only the words of prisoners or suspects.  You may receive the impression PS66 is little more than a bully, power-pissed ....

Sergeant Adams also features in the Miranda enquiry inasmuch as he submits a report about my conduct following events in the incident room.   The report will be detailed when the Miranda event log, accessed by the 'Dairy' page, reaches the appropriate date.

It is frightening to consider this officer is permitted near any major investigation, yet we note his name was associated with the Bukhari enquiry; a failed attempt to prosecute a police officer.





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